Do You Know? Do You Understand?

A Study of Proverbs

© Jeanne E Webster


Proverbs 1:2…to know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding.


Wisdom is the key word in the book of Proverbs.  It means skill in living, or success in living well.   How can we live successfully?  Learn from the Word of God.  Instruction refers here to the moral discipline of one’s life whereas understanding is the ability to know truth from falsehood, good from bad, and what is important in life and what has no relevance at all. 

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly seeking wisdom every day of our lives.  In the same context, we are learning what is truly important in our lives.

 Have you ever read the classic book by John Bunyan, “Pilgrim’s Progress”?  If not, why not make a point to pick up a copy and absorb the rich Biblical lessons so wonderfully illustrated?  If you have read it, read it again.  I’m going to.  Why?  I need a refreshing of those wordy pools of animations, lessons I seek each time I read it.  Trust me, you will be blessed if you chance to sit a spell and chew on some good soul food found therein. 


Living and learning go together like eating and sleeping…one enhances the other and both are necessary for a healthy life.   As we share, I pray we will grow in love and understanding with one another as the Body of Christ was meant to do.  Struggle, we must; but together we stand in the strength of the Lord.




4 comments on “Do You Know? Do You Understand?

  1. Jeanne, this reminded me of when I was in 6th grade and we had to do a news broadcast in Social Studies class each Friday. When it was our turn to join the line-up, we were assigned World News. The next week we went to National News, the week after was Local News, then Sports, then weather, and then the last week we had to find a Bible verse and read it to the class – can you imagine that being allowed today???

    We worked our way down the line and then sat and listened to the others until it was our turn to do the World News again, and then it started all over. Each Thursday evening, when it was your time to be part of the broadcast, you had to watch the news and take notes, and write up a report on your part of the news.

    Anyway, when I had worked my way through the line-up the first time, I chose Proverbs 4:7 — “Wisdom is the principal thing: therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding.”

    I apparently picked the right verse because the teacher had me read it twice, and then she recited it back to the class a third time. Because of that, I have always remembered that verse.

    I have read Pilgrim’s Progress once, and have been thinking about reading it again. You may have spurred me on to it.

  2. Pats Devotions says:

    Wisdom is the ability to see life from God’s perspective and then to know the best course of action to take. It’s in the Bible, Ecclesiastes 8:1, TLB. “How wonderful to be wise, to understand things, to be able to analyze them and interpret them. Wisdom lights up a man’s face, softening its hardness.”… Thank you Jeanne for this wonderful article… Bro Pat.

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