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World-wide news:

Ousted Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak remains on life support after suffering a stroke Tuesday.  This deepens the political unrest and power struggles between ruling generals seeking dominance over the next president.

Pakistan continues in its rocky road towards democracy with an upcoming election of a new prime minister.  The country already is socked with serious economic and security problems.  

Europe sinks deeper in a financial crisis with global repercussions.


Closer to home:

The Supreme Court of the United States has a choice to strike down or accept the 2010 health care bill overhaul by President Obama.   Most Americans want the president and Congress to work out a new bill if the overhaul is declared unconstitutional, a new poll suggests.

Illinois–Our governor, Pat Quinn, is going to save over $150 million by closing 60 prisons throughout the state.  The offenders, many high level felons, will be transferred to other correctional facilities located in the state.  This is a very questionable assessment.  If we already had sufficient facilities to incarcerate these criminals, why were 60 more prisons built?   Also, to refute the claim we have sufficient room to house these offenders, why have we constantly heard cries of prison overcrowding?  The closing of these 60 prisons will result in a loss of over 400 jobs.  I smell a rat somewhere here!

Down to street level:  the weather is hot and dry, sunny and bright, and it is official…today is the first day of summer!  No kidding!  The cucumbers and squash are at picking level, tomatoes are almost there, and the corn is already tall as my knee (which isn’t saying a lot when you figure I’m 5’ 2”!)  Our roses are blooming brightly with no Japanese beetles in sight.  We’ve mowed grass 3 times and the sod is hard packed but still mole-infested (their nails must be about down to the nubbies by now).  The price of gasoline is down, so we can’t complain about that.  Overall, life is good, love is grander, and the good Lord watches over us all. 

Have a good day.







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  1. Susan Michaels says:

    All the news to be pray’d about…and our gardens too! 🙂 Great article, Jeanne!

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