Boil Order!



© Jeanne E Webster

Revelation 1:5e “…unto Him that loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood…”

Around these parts whenever our water supply has defects, a boil order is issued to warn residents that the water may be unsafe to drink and should be boiled to kill any known pathogens.  This order is issued quite often it seems, and makes me wonder how safe our water is at all times.  After repairs have been completed, an all-clear statement is then issued, meaning the water is safe for drinking.

What about “boil orders” for spiritual dangers lurking in our environment? I’m sure the Bible has quite a number of these warnings, advising us to be extremely cautious of what we eat.

Let us be wary of what we feast upon in these areas:


Television programs & commercials


Video games






Water is the primary sustainer of life; let’s make sure it is clean.  Spiritual food is necessary to sustain and enhance spiritual life; let’s make sure it is of God.


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  1. bless you! thanx for sharing!

  2. Pats Devotions says:

    Thank you sister Jeanne; for the warnings.. Shalom

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