A Piece of Peace


© Jeanne E Webster


Gone are the worthy grades in school

The family get-togethers at the pool

The drugs keep telling him he’s cool

…doesn’t realize he’s playing the fool


She’s waiting tables and turning tricks

Mind’s cloudy…nothing seems to click

Known on the street as one cute chick

…doesn’t realize she’s getting really sick


Preaching sermons Sunday morns and night

Those Bible verses he can so easily cite

A bottle of booze he’s hidden out of sight

…struggling to step back into the Light.


People everywhere are battling each day

Failing yet trying to get back up some way

Keeping those demons somehow at bay

Oh, Lord, bring peace into their souls today


Lord, we all need your peace in our souls today.

11 comments on “A Piece of Peace

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  2. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    Reblogged this on Hodgepodge 4 the Soul.

  3. Pats Devotions says:

    Thank you Jeanne for this great article.. I know of some that might be inspired by this… Blessings sister.. Bro Pat.

    • there is so much unraveling of souls today. all with one main need: PEACE!

      shalom, my friend.

      • Pats Devotions says:

        Yes sister you are so very much right.. What never ceases to amaze me is that to try to help someone and try to show them the way.. Well they just don’t seem to get the message… The only answer I know is just give them to the Lord and pray.. Shalom.

      • there is too much “noise” out there that drowns out the message, over-speaks the message. yes, pray for them; the Holy Spirit will break through and work the Lord’s will. amen

      • Pats Devotions says:

        Amen; Thanks Jeanne…

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