Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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“The self-seeking soul is a robber, for he steals from God that which belongs to Him and takes for himself that which belongs to others.  Not only does self-seeking carry on its devilish work out in the world but also in the gatherings of religious people, in the house of the righteous, even in the hearts of those who desire to follow the unselfish Jesus.  It is self-seeking when one desires to appear more pious than others, to pray more beautifully than others, when one always wants to have the advantage for oneself.  But the scriptures say, “Cursed be the deceiver.”  Malachi 1:14 KJV

~by G. Steinberger from Footprints


After reading and deeply gleaning from old Malachi, I must admit:  I have been, still am at times, A DECEIVER!  Meditate on Malachi 1:6-14 and see what you find within your spirit.  Are you a deceiver also?  Think about that.

You’d think I would have gotten over my self by now, being a Christian for over half a century.  Are you over your self now, my Christian friend?  Let me warn you; it’s all too easy to answer, “Yes.”  I ploughed through my motive file and polished it up with all the honesty I could muster… and saw the real ME.   I was shocked and ashamed, for SELF had deceived me.  My motives were the clear indicators, the defining marks.  I realize I need some soul therapy, some deep-down soul cleansing.  Like that old song went, “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair…well, I’m gonna wash that self right outta my soul.”

Oops, wrong again.  I can’t rid my spirit of selfishness, but I know a Man who can:  Jesus Christ, my Lord and King.  There’s a tiny bit of selfishness in this article I’m writing right now.  I know it.  I feel it.  I will pray the Lord remove it.  I have no need to boast, except in the Lord Jesus.  In Him I will live and breathe throughout all eternity.


9 comments on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. A good one to put in a “tickler” file to read from month to month.

  2. Hi sister Jeanne; This is a good eye opener… Helped me to take a good look at myself…God Bless Bro pat.

    • was hoping you would comment, Bro. I think our self is one of the biggest enemies we face. Chiefly because we allow our selves to be deceived! Boasting tickles our ego and satisfies our hunger to be better and bigger that our neighbor. And our ego hides this satisfaction from us, so we don’t see it. Thus, unless we search it out, we are not aware of its existence. Yikes!

      Shalom, Bro. Pat. 🙂

      • Well sister Jeanne; this article is just what the Dr ordered for me..I am going to start relying more on the Holy Spirit for guidence for my articles.. or at liest try LOL…Blessings sister Shalom… Bro pat.

  3. Naphtali says:

    great reminder Jeanne…

  4. Wayne Augden says:

    Jeanne, I have to tell you your post got my attention because I’ve been struggling with something. But there’s a line in your quote in the beginning, ” It is self-seeking when one desires to appear more pious than others, to pray more beautifully than others, when one always wants to have the advantage for oneself.” The key word for me in this was “desires” because it speaks to motivation; simply put is it about me, or about my Lord Jesus Christ? I thank you for your post because it gave some clarity to the issue I’m dealing with…Great post btw. I appreciate the work you do here for our Lord and Savior.

    • I was glad to get feedback here, and I thank you for yours. I hoped my readers weren’t put off by admitting my struggles.

      Motive is what grabbed me and gave my pride a thrashing. Not that I run on ego ALL the time. However, there are times when I have written a good article or poem and, first and foremost, I feel great that I have written well. THEN I am horrified that my spirit would glory in the piece, instead of giving God the glory and know He gave me the tools and the entire package.

      That’s getting to your topic: is it me or Christ. It’s best for me to let it rest and know God has brought it about and used me to do it.

      Would love more feedback.

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