I Must Confess…


©Jeanne E Webster


I must confess:


I’m getting older…and feeling it too.

I painted our mud room walls…only got halfway done.

I get up early in the morning…but still don’t finish my chores.

I walk miles on a treadmill…but still don’t lose enough pounds.

I ride on a recumbent bike…that doesn’t work either.

I have fun now with exercises for my brain…don’t even need a bike!

I cook most everything from scratch…keeping the sodium and calories down.

I vacuum the carpets and mop the floors…my hair drips with drops of sweat.

I start one project…then forget two others, or was it start two and forget one.

I make a grocery list…then leave it at home.

I need more time to think up a poem or story…so write it down quickly before I forget.

I wash and dry my clothes carefully…but they still shrink.

I could sew, crochet, knit, or craft all day…but arthritis is slowing me down.

I used to put on makeup—lipstick and eye stuff…but it doesn’t satisfy anymore.

I used to kneel in my bedroom to pray…the knees complain too much now.

I still do spring-cleaning on the house…but it takes all spring time to do it.

I had no problem with reading…now I need glasses and a good strong light.

I must have the house real cool for sleeping…hangover probably from the change of things.

I used to hear a whisper a mile away…now I go for the close-ups or repeats.

I used to love to hang out the wash…smelled great but hard on the hands.

I am noticing that technology is changing too fast…it takes me longer to grasp the knack.

I tremble at the closeness of the world today…too many people with no place to go.

I sense the undercurrent anger stewing in people…this breeds coldhearted characters.

I find myself reading the obits in the paper…even though I don’t know too many people here.

I find myself having to take pills everyday…never was a good swallower.

I find young people are looking too young…to be starting a family.

I find the list too long of my great-grandchildren…hard to remember all those birth dates.

I find myself more grateful I can still drive…I value my independence greatly.

I find aging to be a pain…and I will be kicking and screaming, but smiling all the way.


A good sense of humor goes a long, long way, my friends!


12 comments on “I Must Confess…

  1. Loved this Jeanne. Brightened up my evening.

    The last week or so has been filled with aches and pains that seem to pop up from nowhere. I re-injured my shoulder last week which is making my arm and hand painful and numb, and I’ve been having trouble typing – hence, no blogging ’till today.

    I actually tried taking inventory this morning to see if there was any part of me that didn’t hurt – there wasn’t. 😦

    And as far as your Caps Lock question to Butch … yes, I do that all the time when I think I am hitting the tab key – and I don’t have a laptop.

  2. camary1996 says:

    It was so nice to write this blog about me! How did you know all my information?

  3. This really resonates with me and I’m way past you.

  4. SPTP2011 says:

    I’m right with you and Butch
    God Bless and have a great weekend

    • Ah ha…now we know! There’s lots of old-timers out there! Makes me feel better. Stay safe, don’t get scammed and keep those legs going. My dad always told me that. He said if you can’t walk, you lose your independence. Not for me. Live and love, Susie! 🙂

      • SPTP2011 says:

        Live and Love!
        Yep we are moving and digging
        Holes Holes Holes
        We wake up early – dig some – set one pole and we have 10 down and 10 to go
        Thats just the back of the yard – we still have the sides and the front fence to go
        But we are doing a little at a time and going to bed sore but content
        God Bless

    • Good. (moving a few feet away…) Do you hear me now?! Ah ha!
      (Does anyone else out there always hit the Caps Lock key while typing and don’t realize it until you’re all done?! Happens when I use the laptop.)

      Back to aging, I was never told it comes so quickly. One reads that it “creeps” but that’s incorrect! It rushes in! 🙂 Keep posting, Butch. Love your posts.

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