Rainbow Drops


© Jeanne E Webster


A little drop of rain, quite a dainty thing,
Can be a harbinger of a grand stormy fling.
Itty drops of rain, combined a million times,
Slush themselves into a cloud-bursting chime.
Tiny raindrops tap, a pitty-patter prance,
Tinkling out a soft-shoe clicky-clacky dance.
Ploppy raindrops clomp, a splatty-slitty smash,
Thunking like men in a five hundred yard dash.
Rain is thirsted after like dry on dusty dirt
Showering the earth in teeny tiny squirts.
Eager eyes anticipate the end of the day
When that glorious rainbow films its display.


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  1. I love alteration and you use it so effectively!! 🙂

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