Jake’s Lament


© Jake (ghost written by Jeanne E Webster)


I was a young pied cockatiel

Alone in my roomy cage

Was lonesome as could be

And I cried constantly.


One day while I was whining

I met a pretty bright yellow hen

Molly was her given name

She changed me into a man.


We had such a lovely time

Just good ol’ Molly and me

And baby made three x three

We were a happy family.


Buttered toast every morning

Warm vegetables for lunch

Pasta and wheat bread, a bite

Lots of seeds day and night.


She like her neck scratched

So her feathers he’d scruff up

They cooed together and supped

Made more eggs and schlupped.


She was the best egg maker

Couldn’t turn it off at all

It turned out to be her downfall

One got stuck and that was all.


She strained and groaned about

Was massaged, oiled up tight

In the end she died last night

And took her final flight.


Oh, oh oh, I miss my Molly O

O Molly, I miss you

You were my bestest friend

And loved me to the end.


I’m a’missin’ you so much

Soft feathers I’d love to touch

Your neck I’d love to clutch

O Molly, Molly, my schmutch.


(Jake is missing Molly this morning, as his Molly died during the night.  He’s making a long soul-screeching moan, looking towards where his Molly died.  Hanging onto the bars, peeking from the side, he sees no Molly.  He calls for her and no answer.  They were always talking back and forth.  Their little “chirrs”— give them a cereal box, they had a three day project.  They were such great parents and took such care in raising their young.  Molly was a typical hen and Jake was typically hen-pecked.  But together they were a beautiful team.  We have been blessed and overjoyed to observe the interactions between this pair of birds.  They were just birds, you may say.   No…….they were Jake……and Molly.  They lived and did what God created them to do.  With intent and great joy. 

Now is a day to mourn, as our Jake is alone and no more hears a reply to his call.  “Chrrrr chrrrr………..________”  and he doesn’t understand why. 


“Chrrr” Molly. 

We miss you!)

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  1. So sorry about Molly. =( We had a Senegal Parrot, Pickles, that we had to give away because she bit the kids and I couldn’t find it in my heart to leave him cage-bound for his entire life. But Pickles was WONDERFUL company while he was here. Just a bird? No way!

    • You are so gracious, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Jake slowly is losing hold of his Molly, and I continue to seek a new friend for him. He needs a lady, even if he ends up being henpecked! Gotta love him. Shalom

  2. Jake and Molly were family! I mourn her passing for Jake. His pain is real and so is yours. Blessings to you as you find a way to make Molly’s passing easier for Jake.

    • Bless you, Linda. Yes, he really does miss Molly! He’s eating all right but talks non-stop, on and on, all day. When he gets over this, we hope to find him another mate. He needs a friend.

  3. It’s a sad day for you and your family and we can only imagine the soulful yearning going on in Jake’s heart. It’s not likely he’ll accept comfort. Not soon anyway. I’ll pray he’ll find another reason to place joy in each and every day.

    • Thank you for your comforting words, Sheri. Jake will calm down eventually and be back to his old self. When he does, we will find him another friend. He is a special boy. 🙂

  4. Hi sister Jeanne; Thank you for such a great story of Love, But tell Jake that molly isn’t dead.. She is only asleep and soon the both will take flight again… Blessings.. Bro pat. 🙂

    • You are such a gentleman, Bro. Pat. Thank you for your kind words. Jake has been calling all day for Molly but no answer. I’ve tried to quiet him and he came to me and sat on my hand. Then vented his frustration by wrestling with a toy. So sad. ;0

      • Well you are such a wonderful lady sister Jeanne; and you are very welcome… Tell Jake that He is in my prayers today.. God Bless… Bro Pat. 🙂

      • Blessings, Bro. Pat. Jake is a bit less hyper today. Maybe he’ll settle down soon. All he does is talk, talk, talk. And sing (whistle). Guess what tune he whistles? “Jesus loves me!” Yes! He even whistled it in the box while incubating his young. Quite a pair. 🙂

      • Hi Jeanne; I’m glad to see that Jake is settleing down some..Even more amazing is the song that he whistled..sounds like he knows Jesus quite well.. and Jeanne you have a wonderful friend in your house…Blessings to you and Jake.. Bro Pat 🙂

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  6. Teju says:

    so moving, it made my eyes well up… i completely understand, she was ‘Molly’, not just a hen. God bless her!

  7. Dicky says:

    So touching! And I like your new page design.

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