The Other Room

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PSALM 139:11-12

“If I say, surely the darkness shall cover me, even the night shall be light about me. Yes, the darkness hides not from You but the night shines as the day.  THE DARKNESS AND THE LIGHT ARE BOTH ALIKE TO YOU.” KJV


Throughout the Bible, the Holy Spirit stresses the awesome, absolute presence and power of God. His protective covering preserves us day and night; we need not fear anything, even death.  I have taken these words lightly most of my life and only now in my senior years do I pursue further enlightenment.

I believe David is speaking here of life and death…light and darkness. When a physical body dies, it appears to be dead and gone. Well, it is gone; the living are unable to see it, hear it and interact with it. However, it is not ever dead.  That body now freed from the limitations of physical life has gone from DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT, the presence of God. It remains alive!

Paul wrote in Romans 6:8:  “If we die with Christ, we will also live with Christ.” 

Death merely separates the physical life from the spiritual life. It does not make Life disappear and vanish. Darkness and light are both alike to God and therefore to us also. He dwells in both and is the great “I AM!”

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.”
~Helen Keller

Oh my!  I love the way Helen Keller describes death but would have to add, along with Paul, because in that other room I shall be able to see Christ!  Amen.



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  1. WOW!

    Keep Winging His Words!

  2. ddkaarre says:

    Love the picture of the ‘other room’…C.S. Lewis uses this picture also in his book “The Last Battle”…always struck me then and here Helen Keller gives us the same picture. Thanks for passing this on to others.

  3. Lyn Leahz says:

    Thank you, btw, for the wonderful complement! I am blessed by it!

  4. Amen, Sister!!

    Darkness is defined as the absence of light … in some cases that equates to the absence of Christ. So by itself, darkness is nothing, but rather the absence of SOMETHING (or someONE). Darkness = nothing. So when we refer to the Prince of Darkness, we refer to the Prince of NOTHING!! I put my trust in Jesus, King of Nations, Giver and Sustainer of life Who goes before me and lights my path!!

  5. What a wonderful post sister Jeanne; Thank you for sharing this.. shalom Bro Pat. 🙂

  6. Lyn Leahz says:

    For me, working around death for so many years has made me think about it more. Since 1994, I have worked with the elderly, the sick, and the dying, and young people who had been in traffic accidents, or had a rare disease. I worked for a Hospice company for nearly four years as well.

    I’ve seen babies take their first breath, and I’ve seen adults take their last. I’ve provided postmortem care to people ‘after’ they have passed as well…I’ve even had people who’ve been dead for over 45 minutes release air from their lungs and perform other ‘unexpected bodily functions.’

    I can tell you that some people died with a peaceful look upon their face, and some died with a horrible, agonizing look upon their face, their countenance dull and frightened. I have oftentimes wondered if those with a look of peace saw angels at their side, and if those who did not radiate peace saw demons.

    I can say that when I saw people in the process of dying, those I was sure knew the Lord ‘left’ before their body gave up. Their expression was peaceful, yet empty… sometimes, their eyes open, but staring blankly at nothing as their heart softly continued beating, and their chest slowly rose and then lowered. I have wondered if those who know Christ are able to somehow flee their body before it dies. This brings comfort when think of loved ones who’ve been in auto accidents, or small children who have been murdered. Did an angel come and rescue them just a split second before the situation which brought about death?

    Then there were those who I knew did not know Christ…and I watched them suffer and agonize up until their last breath; or, if they were out of it, they appeared to be suffering greatly.

    While death is always a thing of wonderment for us, and oftentimes, dreaded curiosity, we can lean on the truth of God’s Word that He gave to us that we have nothing to fear at all, whether in this life, in death, or after death, because we have the confidence of our Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Wonderful, thought-provoking post sister Jeanne! Thank you!

    • WOW! Lynn, you have been a ministering angel. Bless your heart for all your kindnesses shown to angels unaware. Shalom!

      • Lyn Leahz says:

        I have my grandma to thank for that one. As a child, she would visit elderly people in the nursing homes. At that time, nursing homes were dark, dreary, and smelly places. Cold dark tiled floors…drab and tan, and drab decorations…and I would go with her and hear people screaming and crying, and sitting alone in wheelchairs staring at nothingness..wondering what they thought about and what joy they could possibly have in their lives. As I became older, I wanted to make a difference and help people. Sadly, so many people are neglected in nursing homes and mistreated. I was a spokesperson for seniors and their rights and used to travel around speaking in nursing homes as well as at State government educational services.

      • The Lord put a good heart in you. And you reported for duty! Wonderful. It is inspiring to see God at work, isn’t it?!

        We need more comforters in nursing homes. I worked as ombudsman for residents and as their advocate, tried my best to ease up their situation. So sad. . . so sad. Visit the widowed, feed the hungry, care for the little ones. There is never enough helpers, is there?! 🙂

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