God Spoke–I Thought

©Jeanne E Webster


How would the landscape look with no sky for a background?

Pop-ups; it’s a pop-up world.

Without a sky background, objects really stand up and out.


Without a paper background, letters would stand perpendicular upon a surface.

Without electricity, letters would be iconic figures on the keyboard.


Letters establish words that emanate from thoughts.

Thoughts interact from the chemistry of my mind.

My mind is an organ, a processing medium.


My body was cultivated within my mother’s womb.

My essence was fashioned from DNA generated from one ancestor to another.

Mankind begat mankind after the Creation.


Was Mankind fashioned from star dust, once floating in space?

In the beginning was Mankind suspended from the mouth of God?

God spoke and Mankind became living words.


I’m glad that God spoke!    Aren’t  you?!

14 comments on “God Spoke–I Thought

  1. isaiah43123 says:

    And thankful He still speaks!
    Keep the Faith!

  2. ddkaarre says:

    So glad God spoke…reminds me of God speaking into existence the world…another glorious picture of this and the joy it brings is recorded in C.S. Lewis’ book ‘The Magician’s Nephew’…Aslan (the lion who is a picture of God) brings the world into being by speaking. So cool! Love your thoughts!

  3. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

    Yes I am! Glory be His Name! Something to be thankful for – for sure and certain!

  4. Thanks, Jeanne.

    It’s an amazing process…
    God continually speaks to You, His Child.
    Through insight and compassion, You speak His message to us!

    Wing His Words,

  5. Lyn Leahz says:

    Very deep sister Jeanne! I love your mind..I love to think deeply, and I love to read thoughts of those who also think this way as well! Thanks for another profound and truly amazing write!

  6. sure am and words do have power so we need to choose them carefully, yes?

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