True Love

baby christ

© Jeanne E Webster


From a wee baby in Mary’s womb

To a Savior risen from the tomb–

He came… to save the lost.


Gethsemane’s anguish pressed its clutch

His Father’s heart, He surely touched–

He paid… the ultimate cost.


Nazareth bore a carpenter’s son

To a wooden cross, His onus done–

He redeemed… all our sins.


Heavenly host descended below

He would be raised up, God’s will to show–

He is… our offering.


Come, Emmanuel, this holy day

Bless our Nativity Feast we pray–

You command… that we must love.


Little holy Child, Our King of Kings

Release Your true love, help us sing–

Oh, sing… in heaven above!

5 comments on “True Love

  1. Hi Jeanne; Thanks for this wonderful article… Very touching to me… God Bless you my sister… Bro pat. 🙂

  2. Susan Michaels says:

    Precious and reverent…thank U! 🙂

    • Christmas advent blessings, Susan. Appreciate your support and all your writings. 🙂

      • Susan Michaels says:

        Christmas blessings and Shalom to you Jeanne. Keeping you and yours in prayer, and always blessed to visit your heartwarming blog space…another light in the universe! 🙂

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