I Believe


“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp – or what’s a heaven for?”

~Robert Browning




© Jeanne E Webster

They pounded through my mind
Like lightning bolts and booms
Their strikings hit once more
To plant their seeds of doom.

Never again….

I rest now in peace
The seeds are rooted out
The blitzes fade away
Like ghostly puffs of doubt.

Never again….

My Redeemer now lives
Within my heart today
He’s my sure defense
The doubts He chased away.


In joyful flights of glee
My spirit flies so high
Flitting up and away
Like a dainty butterfly.


Fake Butterflies


15 comments on “I Believe

  1. camary1996 says:

    Have you put out a book of poems yet? If not…what ya waitin’ fer???

    You are a master poet!!! I know God loves reading your poetry! I do too!

  2. http://samme712.wordpress.com/

    Thank you, Sam, for reblogging this on your blog. You have quite the gift of writing. Bless you!

  3. Rad change says:

    God is so good! I needed to be reminded of this today! Beautiful!

  4. Amen. This could have been straight out of my heart. Thank youl

  5. Very beautiful and heartfelt.

  6. Subhan Zein says:

    Very lovely! Thank you for sharing. Many blessings and much love to you 🙂

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