A Field of Gold

Oak Tree in Field

© 2013 Jeanne E Webster.   All rights reserved


A sputtering drone lurched into view

Spurred on by a spring-fed breeze

Settled atop its rich golden coup:

A sunflower field, seized by bees.


Nectar rife in each stout bloom

“I’m in heaven,” spoke the bee

“A taste of honey in each fat flume

A field of gold just waits for me!”


It cruised with utmost accuracy

In its field of dreams that spring

This was plain-and-simple piracy

Such colonial dining, on the wing.


“Golden sweet powder for me, for me

My gift is my work, and I work to give

Thus, God made me a bee, so SEE!”

Day 2 0f NaPoWriMo

3 comments on “A Field of Gold

  1. Patty B says:

    😀 wonderful!

    • You have such a bright smile! I love the way you bring sunshine into the lives of so many of our military families. You have so faithfully ministered to them and being from an Army brat background, I’m sure your efforts are much appreciated. Blessings and stay safe in the arms of our Lord. 🙂

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