You can’t go home again . . .

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An old adage says you can’t go home again

Once you’ve grown up and moved on.

Don’t believe a word of this, my friend

You can return to those times so fond.


Yes, you can!

I can and do.

You can too!


Sit back; close your eyes;

Open up your mind.

Pick a place or memory

And you can be there.


It’s sort of like dreaming

But you know where to go

And how to get back.

It works every time.


I visit my Gramma’s home a lot;

God padded it full of love.

For many little girls and boys

Gramma was an angel on earth.


I loved her so much and still do.

One day we will meet again.







We’ll continue on

Our big adventure called


Day 3 of NaPoWriMo

12 comments on “You can’t go home again . . .

  1. I love the old house photo as well as the words.

    • This was our grandparents home, where we lived off and on during our childhood. It was home, though we were Army brats and moved every 3 years. It offered us peace and love and security from our step-father. Amen

  2. Jeanne – You took me home once more. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Sheri. Your prayers have brought much refreshing to my soul. Bless you, dear friend.

      Enjoying the “One Thousand White Women” book. What a novel! Thanks.


  3. patgarcia says:

    This is such a lovely poem and it makes me think of all the great times that I had with at my grandmother’s. It was a special treat to go there. So thank you. You are right, we can travel back in our minds any time we would like to.

    By the way, I looked for your name on the A to Z Blog Challenge and didn’t find it. Maybe, we are talking about two different challenges.

    Love you Jeanne and thanks once more.

    • Glad you enjoyed the NaPoWriMo entry. We both are in error! I was looking for you here, NaPoWriMo, and see you are in the A to Z challenge blog! Ok! Will check that one out, as I do want to support your efforts. 🙂

      Admire you much, Patricia, and go for the gold! Press on, as they say, and enjoy the challenge. Love you too.

      Ciao and blessings,

  4. Rad change says:

    So great to have those good memories that allow us to return home again and again!

  5. the longing for home…a longing that grows stronger each day. i love that we can go back but also that we are being pulled forward…all those feelings, the longing for those we miss is really drawing us to our Lord and the home awaiting us.
    thank you for sharing your gift, Jeanne. beautiful poem!

    • Thank you, Natalie, for your continued support. You are so right, memories draw us towards our eternal home that is waiting for all God’s children. What a glorious reunion that will be. Blessings 🙂

  6. So true. I’ll be typing a post, or travelling on a bus and the memories arrive. Who says one can’t do two things at once?

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