The Old Ball Game

Baseball Equipment Laying on Grass


Red Sox — 8     Yankees — 0


© 2013 Jeanne E Webster.   All rights reserved


Take me out to the ballgame

It’s a fetching day to go

Buy me a hot dog and ice cream cone

Oh, my Red Sox can strike up a show.


Bring on those New York Yankees

They’d better come to play

My Red Sox will scarf them up real quick

Oh, my, look at those batters sway!

Jeter and A. Rod have struck out

Cano and Gardner did too

I want another hot dog and ice cream cone

Oh, my Red Sox have quite the crew!

The game is over, lights are out

Those Red Sox made my day

Pedroia and Ortiz hit the balls out of the park

Oh, thank you, Red Sox, oh, I love you!


Day 13  NaPoWriMo

Can you tell I’m a baseball fan?  And also love the Boston Red Sox?    Yep!

10 comments on “The Old Ball Game

  1. And I can just see you twirling and whirling with banners waving!

  2. Marie says:

    Loved it! BTW Hope you won’t hold it against me that I’m a Detroit Tigers fan. Love ya! Marie

  3. too cool! I loved it. You’re fabulous !

  4. joseyphina says:

    hello Jeanne, i’ve nominated you for 2 awards so please visit my blog for the details

  5. This is good Jeanne. Way to end my day with a smile. 🙂

    • Bless you, my friend! I pray you are smiling a lot these days. Is your arm healed and how goes your son’s health? Write me at my addy if you want. Miss you. 🙂

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