Houseboat on Breves Narrows on the Amazon River, Brazil

“Non-believers …. like the thinnest of rafts, floating upon an ocean of infinite mystery; they hate to be asked to look over the edge.  They are very busy decking out the raft with everything which can make it feel like a permanent home.  They never really think they are on a raft and not a rock, until one day an illness or an accident or a war flicks them off into the ocean, where they never have learned to swim.”

~A. H. McNeile, 1923, Discipleship


It’s Never too Late


© 2013 Jeanne E Webster.   All rights reserved


Creeping across my mind some times

Are thoughts of days of yore

When youth and strength converged

Overshadowing wisdom’s bloom.


What gay presentations sought

What times of jubilee

“Think not of those looming omens

Dwell on the glad todays.”


Such wonders the world offered

Untold oohs and aahs

Bigger barns were assembled to hold

More bells and whistles in.


Ah, the years have passed

Youth and strength have gone

Wisdom has set such a stark table

As I dare to peer within.


Comforts lose to distresses

Independence is now the key

Keep one foot in front of the other

Tomorrow can take a death toll.


Learn a lesson from me

Trust in God for your security

Eternity is yours if you believe in Christ

Where tomorrow is forever tomorrows.

NaPoWriMo    Day 14

7 comments on “NEVER TOO LATE

  1. Wonderful verses to memorize!

  2. Lyn Leahz says:

    Amen! And, beautiful!

  3. I love the phrase ‘Where tomorrow is forever tomorrows.’ And, you have an elequant background of burgandy. Very nice i I do say so myself.

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