Okay, Daddy!

Boy Hiding Gift Behind His Back

© 2013 Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


“What do you have in your hands, little one?

What are you hiding there?”


“Nothing, Daddy,” he said,

With a whisper and a prayer.


“You’re looking ill at ease, little one.”


“But I’m careful, Daddy.”


“Open up and let me see;

Those things you don’t really need.”


“I‘ll give them up one day, Daddy!”


“Ah, but I want you to have a joyful life;

Give me all your toxic devices;

They’re not good for you.”


“Give up those seeds of Selfishness

And that big ball of Pride;

Tricky Hypocrisy bid adieu

Let bones of Contention slide.”


“Okay, Daddy, is that enough for now?”


“Give me your pinch of Hatred

That pocket of Deceit and Envy,

The stinky black bag of Backbiting,

That shiny boasting coin called Me.”


“How can I give up all these, Daddy?”


“You must if you want the best

Of life that I have for you.


“Let me have that snip of Lying

And biting Promise Breaking,

That sooty batch of Cruelty

And lots of Tricky Handshaking.


“Your Judgment list of others

Is corrupt and so unclean;

Your rock of  Hardheartedness,

Will bring you down so mean.


“Repent and ask forgiveness;

Give me your unclean baubles;

They only bring pain and suffering

Adding more and more big troubles.”


“Unfilled hands should clutch things

Like Grace, Peace and Joy,

Salvation, Glory, and Honor

And Eternal Life employ.


“I offer you Charity and Patience,

Remission of sins and Hope,

Mercy, Blessing and Humility,

And tons of Wisdom to cope.”


“Okay, Daddy!”


NaPoWriMo   Day 19

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