A Webster Song




I was born long ago in the mountains out east

My spirit remains there today


From Irish, Scot, and English blue blood,

Throw in a dab of Native American and German-Jew

Ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War from

The States of New Hampshire and Massachusetts


Noah wrote a well-known dictionary, I declare

Daniel was quite the orator and statesman


Old John was the first governor of Connecticut

That’s the wrap-up of the forefathers.


Recent history brought in some Swiss ties

My kids are thoroughly peopled with strong genes


An Irish blessing to you, and a good cuppa of English tea

A Scottish shortbread cookie and good German bratwurst

Delicious Swiss chocolate and strong Algonquin courage . . .


But the important part. . .  I am blessed with God’s everlasting salvation and grace.



NaPoWriMo   Day 22                             


© 2013 by Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved

6 comments on “A Webster Song

  1. Really nice, Jeanne. I have Louisa May Alcott back in my family tree (one of her ancestors had a fight with his relatives and changed the spelling of his name from Olcott to Alcott), along with Lord North – the English lord that talked the King into taxing the colonists – not sure if I really want to claim that ancestor though. 😉

    Love family history!

  2. Jeanne Elizabeth says:

    You really seem to be having fun with the poetry month Jeanne!

  3. wow girl, that’s fabulous and, your ancestors are such beautiful souls!

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