Tick Tock . . .Tick Tock



Tick Tock . . .Tick Tock

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During my wait at the doctor’s office, a pretty ornate banjo clock caught my eye.  It was hanging on the wall over the nurse’s desk, displaying the correct time of day with its little hands slowly pulsing forward at a moment’s tick.  It was then I noted that the pendulum was not moving at all.  This told me it was not a key-wind clock.  It had to be either battery run or electric corded.  With these thoughts came a revelation– and an analogy.

That clock was like many so-called Christians.  They “run” like they’re supposed to, go through the motions of the “walk-and-talk” spiel, attend services every Sunday and maybe throw in an attendance at Sunday school.  By every aspect of the casual observer, they are really devoted followers of Christ. 

However, as God has so spoken, He looks at our hearts.  Christ knows our hearts.  Are we truly lovers of Christ or merely empty vessels? 

What is in the heart is what we are made of.  Like that banjo clock made to look like an authentic antique key-wind time piece, the give-away was that it was not.   It had no workings to keep time.  The pendulum was an ornament, glued inside the case merely to look fitting.  It had no springs to control, no movements to slide back and forth.  The energy from a battery moved the hands.  It basically had no heart.  It was a fake, a forged attempt to project an olden day’s ambiance when clocks were meticulously made by the hands of expert artisans. 

Are you a real Christian?  Are you running on God’s time?  Are you in time with Christ?  Or are you merely a shell casting the shadow of “loving thy neighbor and others as thyself?” 

Does Christ wind you up?  Are you using the energy of a battery or does your timer go off at the touch of the Holy Spirit?  Think about it. 

Tick tock.  Tick tock. 

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  1. camary1996 says:

    You speak truth…I pray readers receive this word. I did!

  2. Rad change says:

    So true that God judges us according to our hearts! For all the world we can fool people but God we cannot!

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