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Just a thought…

 I read a newspaper article about a celebrity who died recently; an auction house was selling off his memorabilia.   The word memorabilia caught my interest.  What memorabilia did this celebrity treasure:  souvenirs from foreign countries, mementos of movies roles, or relics from past relationships?  My imagination had a flashback slide show of possibilities.  

The thread soon carried over to my mementos.  What fluff and necessities surround my persona to add spice to my life?   Memorabilia personify our lives; they scream uniqueness. A leather jacket bought with my first paycheck, candles from a 50th birthday cake, a favorite writing pen, a torn theater ticket… each filed under Treasured, Do Not Erase!  They are the original time machine, returning us to moments when the world coddled us in a special way.   I find them to be those little blurs in life that shadow us as we go through life.  They stop by our memories like old friends, repine a moment or two, and then let go till next time.  

A special keepsake of mine is a handwritten letter from my grandmother.  When I clutch it, I transfer back to my youthful days, helping Gramma iron handkerchiefs, exploring the back yard for 4-leaf clovers, or sipping a small glass of coca cola she has poured for me.  Her handwriting leaps off the envelope right to my heart, warming my spirit with her angelic presence.   

Memorabilia… what a fine word.  (jew)


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  1. Jeanne dear, how are you, how’s your brother and everything ? you’ve been in my daily prayers and, this post reminded me of the time my sisters & I were cleaning up our mama’s room after she crossed over and, in her bottomless-pit of a trunk we discovered 200 of letters I had written her! 1500 letters in total ! We were awed by her careful choices in what letters she kept! Wonderful Post!

    • Good morning, Debbie! How dear of you to remember my brother. He is coping, lots of family support, and prayers galore. He cherishes each and every day the Lord gives him.

      What a treasure trove you found in the trunk! Handwritten letters nowadays are a rarity. Most are on digital data. I love the handwriting, as it is so unique to each and everyone. My grandmother’s was so tiny and delicate. I always knew who the letter was from before I even got close enough to read it. Her touch went right to my heart.

      Prayers for you and your family, Debbie. I remember you and your many daily struggles. God’s peace always. 🙂

  2. Jeanne – This is a lovely blog. Your words walked into my heart and took up residence.

  3. optimisticgladness says:

    Beautiful. Yep, I have a memorabilia box too. It may look like just old stuff to some, but it has meaning to the owner. Thank you for this “memorable” post. 🙂

    • It is good to hear from you and read your comments! We all are unique, aren’t we?! With God’s special creative touch, He gifts us each day with treasures from the past that point towards our future. Amen 🙂

  4. Westrivercavaliers says:

    Nice Jeanne.  we have lots of good memories

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  5. Lyn Leahz says:

    As I read your note here, I am reminded of something similar, yet different. When we leave this earth, what ‘memorabilia’ will we leave behind spiritually? What will people take with them in this life that they gained from us? What will they say about us when we are gone?

    Will I have been a person who is missed greatly, and spoken of highly? Or, a person who is quickly forgotten? Or worse, hated? Will I have done everything, or most of, what God made me to do? And will I have planted ‘seeds’ of faith in the people whom I’ve encountered throughout this life? Seeds that will spring forth in their own spirit, and grow heartily.

    What memorabilia will be left that is priceless, and cannot be auctioned off, but joyfully given, shared, and spread about?

    God bless you, Jeanne!

    • Great thoughts, Lyn! Appreciate your input here, as always.

      Yes, what will we leave behind when we leave earth? I’ve written an article on that mindset a while ago. Called it something like bridges we leave behind for others to follow. Something to ponder as we go about our daily lives, especially in these times.

      Are we leaving good things, moral things, things that are of God and not of our selves? Especially think these thoughts for family and friends who I know very well. I’m sure we all will have a hodgepodge of things as we grow in our walk with Christ, some positive and others remembered for our spiritual infancy. Our focus needs to be on Christ and His love for us, our hope in Christ and His redemption, and our eternal Home with God and Christ, forever and ever.

      Thanks for opening this discussion. 🙂

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