Aah . . .Tumn

Fall Leaves on Branch

©2013 Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


Hot arid airs

Fill autumn days

Stifllin’ up senses

Stuffin’ up noses.


Cicadas buzz electric

Gnats whirl swirls

Skunk skits skulk

Midnight closes.


Spiders spin maze

Doilies atop grasses

Hornets stick nests

Split eaves affix.


Pine cones sprout

Squirrels scout out

Butterflies flit fit

Dip, flip their kix.


Coon-littered roads

Bug-smeared cars

Bloated dead bodies

Life long gone.


Trees scale leaves

Prelude music cue

Winter trumps flat

Life’s like that!






8 comments on “Aah . . .Tumn

  1. ddkaarre says:

    Did you take that leaf picture? Fall is my favorite time of year. That is awesome!! Nice poem too…

    This feels like an awkward place to ask this question but once you made a comment on Marty’s blog Story of the Day…you said “Very creative and enjoyable! I love your sense of humor!” –Jeanne Webster (womenswindow.wordpress.com) We were wondering if we had your permission to use your comment, your name and your blog address on the back of a book Marty is publishing (due out in November). It is a collection of selected Story of the Day posts. Let us know what you think. Thanks!

  2. Autumn is gently escorted in by your words! ALWAYS amazing ! How are you feeling dear?

    • Sweet Debbie, thank you for your generous words on behalf of this blog. So appreciated, my dear friend.

      Having a flare and a half on this end; how are you, Debbie? Hang in there and enjoy the highs and lows; we learn and are blessed by both. Like the Jewish tradition: nothing is completely finished on this side of heaven, because all is for naught. Only eternal endures. 🙂

  3. I can hear Autumns harmony…beautiful! Enjoyed your poem and awesome picture! Thank you for blessing my day!

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