Step or Stumble

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A Bag of Tools

By R. L. Sharpe


Isn’t it strange

That princes and kings,

And clowns that caper

In sawdust rings,

And common people

Like you and me

Are builders for eternity?


Each is given a bag of tools,

A shapeless mass,

A book of rules;

And each must make—

Ere life is flown—

A stumbling block

Or a steppingstone.


We each have a lifetime to grab hold of opportunities to ease or increase the troubles of others.   Unfurl the covering from a stepping stone and the pathway of our fellow man smooths out.  Casting an unwieldy stumbling block into a life’s passageway merely adds greater bitterness to an overburdened soul.  What a dichotomy of selections!

Our capacity to lighten another’s burden takes no great effort most times.  A smile or nod is a powerful boost to the deep valleys of depression.  Weariness dissipates into the air by a gregarious phone call or greeting card.   A listening ear can echo hope to the over tightened spring within a distressed soul.

Reflecting on my past days I can spot too many hastily slapped down stumbling blocks.  Yes, the stepping stones are there, yet it’s the stumbling blocks that flash within my spirit, sparking and crackling with vigor my impatient and disconcerted concern.  What a difference I might have made in someone’s life if I had offered kindness, empathy, love, gentleness, and peace.   

Lord, teach me the ways of stepping stones, the spiritual markers that grace your followers with the fruit of the Spirit.  Enlighten my mind so I may see Jesus in every face I encounter during my remaining days on earth.  Thank you for your love that showers the world with hope, peace, and true joy.  May you be praised for ever and ever.  Amen.


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  1. jennisahagun says:

    What a lovely reminder to speak “Jesus.” It is my constant prayer that His grace would be manifested in me being able to speak the language of the one I am with. To hear their heart, to see their needs and to allow Jesus to meet those needs. His grace always flowing to provide sufficiency, to myself and to others.

  2. Westrivercavaliers says:

    Needed to hear you

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