The Rendering


© Jeanne E. Webster.  All rights reserved



Gentle rains sprinkled their drops

Upon your seeds of infancy;

You burst forth in innocent rapture

Richly adorned with velvet greens.


Variety of Flowers 

Warm rays of sunshine soothed your bosom;

You sparkled with bright colorful displays.

Mature and strong were your gestures,

Fulfilling your designated plan.


Fall Foliage 

Rustling in with cool, dry breezes

Autumn interrupted your attempt at glory,

Fading away your majestic beauty,

Leaving you stooped, wrinkled and grey.

  winter snow

Abruptly entered cold, harsh winter,

Drawing to a close the role you played,

Blanketing you in pure, white finery




Such are the seasons and I. 


20 comments on “The Rendering

  1. Lovely photos accompanied by a rich, vibrant poem.

  2. I believe as for the soul IT, too, experiences seasons that are cycles ~ I was impressed by the manicured description and cathedral-like mood. Blessings dear~ Faithfully Debbie

  3. This is so lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. emeraldogzz says:

    I love it! Thanks for sharing and for checking up my blog too. Blessings

    • What a poet! Readers, please check out her blog; you will be delighted!

      Emerald, you have been blessed with such riches untold. WOW! Admiration and respect and honor to a lady with your talents and character. Shalom 🙂

  5. What a graceful transition between the seasons…as with our own life changes, we can Gracefully transition, too. Bless you for sharing this wonderful poem! Bless you. ~Zoey

  6. So very beautiful both photos and verse. I am so glad to have found another sister in Christ!
    Love and hugs (((xx)))

  7. Again – Exquisite words placed with beautiful art. Stunning doesnn’t cover the richness of such talent.

  8. I always love poems about the changing of seasons; and those people who seem to be stuck in life, should be welcoming that change. It brings new perspective and a fresh set of eyes. Great post today. Loved the poem. If you get the chance, pop over to my blog and read my “cheerios” post, it should make you chuckle and reflect. God bless and great work!!

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