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Merry Christmas Faithful Ones, Friends & Loved Ones:

At the beginning of this rich and meaningful holiday season, I ask myself, “How will you celebrate what Christmas really means this year? “ Mentally I go through my catalog of reasons why this Christmas would be “different.” I have come up with quite a reasonable amount of reasons why this year things WILL be somewhat different or, might require a bit of “tweeking.” Until, I somberly go over that list and realize, again, that consecration of Self has no season or clime. A manger and fresh hay was sufficient for the Holy Child to begin his earthly sojourn in, and the consecration of all his life. That some swaddling clothes [strips of cloth] and enough warmth was sufficient for the King of kings to feel watched over, and that a few humble souls to welcome him with pure awareness was sufficient purpose to have heavenly angels spring forth in glorious hallelujahs and have his Identity known.

I don’t believe any one of us had less, and, now have a thousand times more. I admit, it’s nice to have more of certain things but, it isn’t always better, for, much of those things can become distractions or idols. The world is suffering from too little of what WE could and should have so much more of, i.e. kindness, patience, time, faith, hope, trust, and goodness. Are we celebrating what Christmas really means?

Elaine Cannon once observed: “People can be obedient like Mary, be defenders of Christ like Joseph, share the good news like angels, humbly seek the Lord like the shepherds, go to great lengths to bring gifts like the Wise Men. Also, filled with the glowing Spirit of God, they can guide others to Christ like the Star of Bethlehem!”

I believe we’re all seeking and trying and achieving to reach the righteous desires of our hearts, and that we’ll continue to. This Season take the time to light a candle for every man to see the world of promise and hope where the Holy One awaits their welcome, the path of purpose and, the awakening to their true identity. Be that shepherd or shepherdess that celebrates Christ’s birth, life and resurrection every day whether it’s December or July.
I pray your celebrations be filled with sufficient health, peace, faith, hope and the incomparable fruit of LOVE that is available to us in Him.
Have a Wonderful Season of Holiness!

Your faithful sister & friend ~

Debbie Avila

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8 comments on “Message from Debbie

  1. you’re all too generous and kind.. and thankful you’ve all found a pearl to focus on as personal reflection ~ Thank you Jeanne for this honor. Faithfully Debbie

  2. Jeanne, this Christmas message is more beautiful each time I read it.

  3. optimisticgladness says:

    So true. I think we are so spoiled. We don’t even need to get into our cars on a cold winters day to start it….We have remotes that do it for us!? What? I think that the less we have, the more grateful we become when we do get something. That’s what we need in our homes…gratitude….appreciative, willful sharing. The more we have materially as a nation, the less spiritual depth we have. Your post resounds loud and clear with me.

    • Lisa, it is so good to share with you and a blessing to have another gifted friend in Christ. Your blog is so rich in insight and depth, along with gorgeous graphics. I shall return there frequently.

      Wonderful Christmas greetings and joyous New Year to all.

  4. Beautiful! Thank you, Jeanne, and thank you, Debbie!!

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