Dark Thinking


Dark Thinking

©2014 Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


“You’ll always be my little girl.”


What did that mean?


Memories still tumble down

That rocky hill of childhood;

Strange things . . . scary things

Deep dark and screamy things


. . . thought the little girl.


Rock, rock . . . thump and bump

Three kids sat all in a row;

The sofa became their “carni” ride

They rocked and rolled and screamed!


Back and forth with such hefty force

They drove holes into the wall.

Memories haunt the little girl

Even though she’s now grown old.


“You’ll always be my little girl.”?

There were no hugs or comforting words;

Those came from Gramma’s arms and heart

Not this mommy dear.


Can’t fathom those dark blurbs from the past

What did they all mean?

The thumps and rocking so hard?

All part of the ugly scene?


Just childish images of a bogeyman,

A phantom father’s brutalities?

Can’t open that door . . . and what’s more . . .

The little girl doesn’t want to!


10 comments on “Dark Thinking

  1. My dear, Jeanne: This is a healing work, a work that God allows us to offer up for healing powers. I so identify with that little girl only my bogeyman was a bogeywoman. It’s interesting to me that the spelling dictionary accepts bogeyman but women aren’t supposed to be bogey women. I’ve asked God to explain so many times and in what I thought was his total ignoring of me, he led me to healing arms that would allow me to heal wounds.

    • Thank you, Sheri, for sharing your experiences. The mind offers many mysteries. One wants to understand them yet doesn’t have a clue as to the “why and what-for’s.” Seems that the Lord will answer, in His time. Shalom, dear friend. 🙂

  2. Very deep thoughts …..


  3. Yes, deep and dark thoughts. Jesus leads us out into his glorious light!
    Wing His Words,

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