I’m Flying!

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I’m Flying!


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 I am not a shop-til-you-drop person.  I’m happiest when I quickly find what’s on my list, especially when shopping for clothes.  Nothing fancy-dancy; simplicity plus functionality is my style.  My wardrobe consists of blouses, slacks, jeans, jackets, tee shirts, polo shirts, sweat pants and tops, with the rear of the closet bringing up a few dresses and skirts. 

 As I advance in years, I’ve noticed spots appearing on my clothes.  What is going on?  Am I missing my mouth?  Or is that old food fairy getting older too?  Hmm . . .

 One thing I have learned about spots is that if you notice them while they are fresh, the spot remover will make them disappear.   However, if left on too long, they don’t go away.  You’re stuck with a ruined blouse or shirt and moving the garment into the wear-while-doing-grunt-work area.  It also means I need to go shopping to replace it.

 Well, I have acquired something that saves the day when spot remover fails.  It is a packet of small iron-on characters!  Butterflies were my first choice, as they deliver bright colors to match any garment.    Iron them over those spots and you have upgraded a ruined garment back into its favored place in the closet!  

 Since I’ve revealed my restoration technique, my family and close friends have begun to call me the Butterfly Lady!  I don’t mind that a bit, but I do sense a little embarrassment when too many of these butterflies overwhelm a favorite shirt.  But what’s a gal to do?! 

No way am I throwing out my treasured pink scoop-necked t-shirt.  A gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.  Right?!


 Happy flying!







8 comments on “I’m Flying!

  1. I like this! I’ll have to remember this. My main problem is small bleached out spots on the front of my shirts from cleaning with bleach. Lost count of the number of t-shirts and sweatshirts I have ruined not being careful enough when spraying that stuff in the sink. 😦

  2. Naphtali says:

    Great idea Jeanne! and I am with you on the not so shopping deal!

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