Raining Spring

Mailbox in Flood Waters


© Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


Bluish blah-like backgrounds

Droopy dented daisies

Scroungy sodden shrubs

Limp lavender larkspur

Dripping dapple dahlias

Pallid purple pansies

Orange ombre oak leaves

Brownish bearded barley

Pummeled pinkish posies

Yawning yellow yarrow

Ragged ravaged roses

Languished lanky lilies

Rabbits running reckless

Robins ripping red worms

Tawny tiptoed tree toads

Spastic squirrels squiggling

Crayfish chucking chimneys

People paddling puddles

Rainbows reflecting rays

God’s globules of glory

Shining soulful showers.

4 comments on “Raining Spring

  1. I have been wondering how long it would have taken me to come up with all these matching words and I have come the the conclusion that I probably would not have been able to. Good job! I like it! Blessings for your day. 🙂

  2. So beautiful words you put in this poetry! And the pic is awesome! Lovely dear! I loved it! Thanks for sharing it! It’s so Amazingly beautiful! Much love to you dear!

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