Dark Nights. Children. Borders.

Christopher Clody

thumbnailCA5K87RRHope and hurt enslave my energy.  Humanity totters on the fulcrum between beauty and despicable in each advancing moment. At times I feel voiceless except for the prayers screaming from unknown depths of my soul.  At the end of the day, I ponder in disbelief at the crimes against humanity while the shame of our bought government petulantly politicizes everything. Dear God…what have we become? Your patience baffles me…as does your mercy to allow us to choose rightly. Life’s greatest joy and invaluable asset, children, have become simple pawns of a political brinkmanship.  Another minute passes as tiny, orphaned hands reach blindly out into the abyss of our dimming light of charity. If you have a faith tradition and profess to be children of Charity, then what is being said in your temples, churches, and mosques? If you are estranged to faith or even atheist, look deeply into…

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