Gotta Goal?


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A little old lady was the chosen speaker at a convention composed of writers, composers and other artists. Retired now, she had been a pioneer architect, having built stunning monuments across the nation. Her motto that a house or building needs to be more than a shelter out of the rain gained her increased respect and praise throughout the years.

Giving advice to her listeners, she advised them to remain true to their creative form of energy. “I set myself a creed,” she said, “a measuring rod, a goal to work for. That goal is this: I want everybody to be better for having lived in my house.”

Translated to individuals everywhere, anyone could make that very same statement. “I want somebody to be better for having read my poem,” says the poet. Or “I want someone to be better for having read my novel.” Or a composer, “I want somebody to be better for having heard my music.”

We can continue this into our lives also. What are you building? A house? Work so that it will make someone better for having lived in a house you built. Are you a seamstress? Work so that garment will make someone better for having worn it. A schoolteacher? Teach so your students will be better off for having been taught by you. A neighbor? Don’t we all have neighbors? Live so your neighbor will be better off for having had you as a neighbor.

Take the ball and run with it in your life, attributes and endeavors. I hope my efforts here will help someone have a better life. People are watching you, did you know? If your actions help just one person have a better day, a better life, you have not lived in vain. Have a nice day and a blessed forever.

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  1. Jeanne, Thank you for making my little corner of the world a brighter place!

    Wing His Words,

  2. Jeanne:
    I agree. A person should leave better for spending time with you than worse off for being in your presence. Amen!
    Bless you, my friend ~Zoey

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