Sweet Veronica



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“Lord, how trivial seems my Calvary when I consider Thine,
For only Simon helped Thee lift Thy cross, but many carry mine!
I am not scorned, scourged, nor ridiculed and all along the way
Are many sweet unnamed Veronicas to wipe the tears away.
There’s no cruel nail wounds in my hands, nor thorns upon my brow,
And ministering angels walk with me to smooth the way. But Thou!
How dare I think it…call it…Calvary…this sheltered life of mine—
O broken, beaten, bleeding Lord, my God, when I consider Thine.”

~by Vera Marie Tracy


Dear sisters and brothers in the Lord…the author of this poem so beautifully expresses, “How trivial seems my Calvary!”

You see, Christ’s Calvary was complete obedience to the will of Almighty God. He carried His cross (God’s will for His life) from His first cry as a babe in Bethlehem through to His final death cry atop Golgotha:  “It is finished!”

He completed God’s will by dying on a hill called Calvary to redeem us, to pay the price of our sins. He bought us not with silver coins or paper script but with every single drop of His precious blood.

We were enslaved, without a home, wandering around this earth deep in the vilest of sins. Why did He purchase our pardon? Why does He prepare a place for us in heaven?

With tears welling in my eyes as I type, I must write…because He loves us so much!

May we, in turn, carry our cross (God’s will for our lives) until God calls us home.

Yes, Vera, “How trivial seems my Calvary when I consider Thine, Oh Lord.”

Father, teach us how to truly die to self, to seek Thy will only, so our lives will reflect Thy great redeeming love. Then show us how to live, truly live…for You. Amen!!!

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    Hey Jeannie! I have missed you! Finally back on FB… will hunt you down and send you friend request! Love you a bunch! God bless you!

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