Grandmother Recall



© Jeanne E Webster.  All Rights Reserved.

Slender stature, about 5 foot-four

Smiles flashing love to every child

Twinkling eyes, probing each heart

Hands nursing many a child’s hurt


Arms protecting little ones from harm

Vibrant aprons holding treats to eat

Baking the finest filled cookies about

Doting time for grandchildren at play


Nurturing interest in outdoor fun

Discovering those lucky 4-leaf clovers

Picking lilacs and planting those pansies

Joyfully sharing her cherished antique dolls


Letting grandchildren help with chores

Always dressed prim, proper and clean

Truly loved her family and they knew it–


This was my gramma and mighty protector

Thank you Lord for such a rich treasure

God’s angel in disguise and homeward bound

Far too early–I still lament her passing.