The Blue Blahs



© Jeanne E Webster.  All Rights Reserved.


Help me! I can’t get up!

I can hardly reach my cup;

I’m much too weak to sup

Or belch a good hiccup.


I once was strong and hale;

Now I’m flabby and frail.

I walked the satanic trail

Unfit now, I sure do ail.


You see, been off my feed,

Partook of that bad seed,

Ate many tares and weeds,

And choked on worldly creeds.


I walked down a wrong track

And tripped over a crack.

I surely caught some flack;

My spirit’s blue and black .


You see…

The carnal body got fed.

Lots of loose paths led

To sins of absolute dread.

Now the spirit’s almost dead.


It’s an insipid gray blue,

Too weak to even chew;

It needs to sip good brew.

How about some holy stew?


As I dine upon the Word

The Good News has stirred.

My spirit again has heard

And gives wing like a bird.


“Come–I will give you rest

…Let me enter as your guest.

…Lay your burdens on my breast

…And may your hearts be blessed.”

6 comments on “The Blue Blahs

  1. Delightful Jeanne ~ Amen :Y

  2. Fantastic & fun…

    Wing His Words,

  3. Excellent description of the soul when we feed the body and not the soul. Good stuff.

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