Mothering Memories



Girl Blowing on a Dandelion --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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Do you ever have memories that poke a hole in your sunny-day balloon, sucking joyful moments forth with heart retching thuds of regrets?    Yea, sure you do; everyone does.  A single dandelion in May can move torrents of tears from the bottle of hidden hurts.   Yes, a single flower.  You don’t call a dandelion a flower?  Ok, how about a blossom?  I say, anything that breaks winter’s bleakness is a blossom, a flower.  But oh, what a blossom this was!  It drew the attention of Annie like a hound to a hare.  She couldn’t leave it alone; she just had to pick it, take it home to her mama.  In her mind, her 5 year old mind, that dandelion was the prettiest thing she had ever seen.


Poking up from the dingy freeze-dried grass in the old apple orchard, the buttery globe beckoned to the frolicking girl.  She scampered over to the lone flower and swiped it from its tall green stem, a smile wrinkling up her blushing, freckled face.  That was her final act–her short life had ended.


She had lost her balance while turning towards the house and was swallowed up in one gulping burst of air rising from an old well left uncovered so many years ago.  Her slight willowy body was found two days later, her chubby fingers still clutching the dandelion.  Her mother knew at once what had transpired that day; her little Annie had found a flower for her.  If only she had gone with Annie to search out some treasures, if onlyif only.


Why did that dandelion pop into view from the entire realm of their surroundings?

Why hadn’t they been told about the uncovered well when they bought the place last winter?


Memories haunt us as nothing else does all our live-long days.  How tightly woven are our days.  The hours, minutes and seconds, all fit together like a new suit.  We are gifted with a new cover each day.  The question is what to wear.  All too often we dwell on the suit that was cast off yesterday.   In all reality we can’t wear it; it doesn’t fit anymore.  It was made only for one day… then disappears into the foggy dew of yesterday.    We have changed.  Tomorrow is a new day, sporting a new suit, prepared for us by our Creator.


“Learn to put on the mantle of love,

the cloak of joy,

the robe of peace,

the wrap of longsuffering,

the scarf of gentleness,

the stole of goodness,

the cape of faith,

the shroud of meekness

and the overcoat of self-control.”

Select your wardrobe carefully, that you might live in the Spirit and also walk in the Spirit.  Amen

Gal.  5:22-25

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  1. So tragic a story ~ so beautifully expressed. A work of art Jeanne ~ Amen :Y

    • A story enlarged upon from a real-life newspaper article. Tragedy seems to abound all around us now-a-days. May God bless us with His peace and comfort in these trying times. Shalom

  2. So sad. Personal experience? If so, I’m so sorry. God bless you.

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