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Abortion: A surgically invasive procedure that terminates the life of a fetus within a woman’s womb. That’s a soft-sell spiel.

Abortion: A savage, barbaric, cruel, and brutal murder of an unwanted, unloved, unplanned, unborn baby within its mother’s womb. That’s hard reality.

Abortion offers two things: certain death to unborn babies and marred consciences and bodies of women who avail themselves of this deadly, legally-correct procedure. Supporters of abortion rights profess that abortion is compassionate, yet reality starkly reveals that it kills every time, whereas choosing life saves lives and is compassionate.

Is it better for all concerned that unborn babies be killed so he/she won’t be brought into a situation where it will not thrive? I think not! The brief lives of aborted unborn babies end at the swinging doors labeled “women’s rights.”

Where are the rights of the unborn? Granting unborn babies the “right to live,” chances are always greater a born baby will thrive; with abortion, there is no chance whatsoever.

To those who favor abortion, I ask you, “Where would you be today if your mother opted for an abortion when you were a helpless, innocent, unborn baby lying comfortably in her womb, unable to raise your voice to cry out for compassion, for a chance at life?

As an unborn baby chosen by your own mother to be sacrificed on the “altar of abortion rights”, would it be comforting to know you were killed to protect you from the hardships of life? I think not! If anything must be “thrown-away,” it should be the quick-fix mentality of our generation.

We need to be reminded of the preciousness of life. Honor it and keep it sacred in our hearts. Grasp compassion and love with all the gusto we can muster…and choose LIFE.