New Year Messages from God

© Jeanne E Webster

To wrap up the year here’s some levity for you… a little humor for the stressed at heart:

You might have a hard time avoiding reminders of the Almighty these days.  Billboards bearing “Messages from God” have appeared in over 40 states.  Here are a few:

  • Let’s meet at my house Sunday before the game.
  • Loved the wedding; invite me to the marriage.
  • Will the road you’re on get you to my place?
  • That “love thy neighbor” thing   .   .   . I meant it.
  • Do you have any idea where you’re going?
  • Need a marriage counselor?  I’m available.
  • Follow me!
  • Keep using my name in vain, I’ll make rush hour  longer.
  • I don’t question your existence.
  • What part of “thou shalt not” don’t you understand?
  • I love you…I love you…I love you!
  • We need to talk.
  • Don’t make me come down there!


9 comments on “New Year Messages from God

  1. Jeanne:
    You made me laugh with these, thanks. Have a very blessed New Year 2016!

    Thank you being such a beautiful inspiration through out the past year, my friend.


  2. camary1996 says:

    Made me smile today!

  3. joseyphina says:

    Nice! Will keep them in mind. ☺

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