A Blind Horse



© Jeanne E Webster – All Rights Reserved

Proverbs 2

“My sons, if you will receive my words and treasure my commandments, then listen to wisdom and apply your heart to understanding it. If you cry after discernment and lift up your voice for understanding, if you seek it as silver and search for it like treasures… then you shall understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

For the Lord gives wisdom; out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding. He lays up sound wisdom for the righteous; he is a shield to them that walk uprightly. He keeps the paths of judgment and preserves the way of his saints.

Then you will understand righteousness, and judgment, and equity; yes, every good path. When wisdom enters into your heart, knowledge is pleasant to your soul. Discretion shall preserve you; understanding shall keep you.

It shall deliver you from the evil man: from the man that speaks perverse things, leaves the paths of righteousness to walk in the ways of darkness, rejoices to do evil and delight in the perversity of the wicked, makes crooked and devious your ways.

Wisdom will deliver you from the immoral person, even the stranger who flatters you with words; who forsakes the guidance of youth and forgets the covenant of God. That house is sinking down to death.

None that live immorally will ever be the same again. You must walk in the way of good men and keep the paths of righteous, for the upright shall dwell in the land; the blameless shall remain in it. But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.”


Shalom, my friends: The Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not want…ever. He has given us wisdom to live righteously, if we will only listen and follow; that’s the key. We can listen but not follow; we can follow but not listen. Either way, we fail miserably.

Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation with someone who is watching television or listening to the radio or a musical recording? Impossible! If you’re patient, you may get a “huh?” response or “Wait; this is the best part.” But you’ll never get their full attention as long as their eyes and ears are tuned to alternatives.

Daily we are telling God, “Huh?” to His words of wisdom, or “Wait,” because we are too busy with more pleasurable things. We have 24 hours, one day at a time. Days fly by like snowflakes in midwinter. “Well, we always have tomorrow.” No, we will not always have tomorrow. Our days are numbered; our time is limited. Listen! Watch! Why? Your television shows are unlimited but not eternal; your music and video games are unlimited but not eternal; your “APPS” on your cell phones, IPods, Readers, video games, etc., all boast of the limitless of their offerings to you.

Buy now! Play now! Watch now! Listen now!

Do you ever wonder why they all play up the word, “NOW?” Perhaps it is because even they acknowledge that time is fleeting and will be gone one day! They want you to spend your short lifetime listening to their worthless babble and watching their decadent pictures.

Will you reach your goal of eternal life in heaven with God and our Lord Jesus by feasting on these? No!

There’s an old joke that will help illustrate this point:

A rancher raced toward home after learning his house was burning down. His horse ran so fast and long, the critter’s heart gave out and died before they reached the house. The rancher was distraught til he saw a horse trader’s cabin up ahead. Running over to the horse trader, he told him he needed a good horse fast, as his ranch was on fire. The trader showed him three horses he would sell and boasted the attributes of each one. The first one was a good horse but bucked if ridden too far. The second horse was a fair horse but would pull up lame if ridden too fast. The third horse was of excellent stock but didn’t “look’a so good.” The rancher, excited now, bought the third horse, thinking it was the best bet to get him home the quickest. “All right,” the trader said, “but remember, I told you he don’t look’a so good.” Barely listening to the end of the deal, the rancher hopped on the horse and took off like he was fired out of a cannon. All went well til the first turn in the road. Whump! The horse ran right into a big tree, knocked the rancher into the dust and keeled over and died. The horse trader came riding up and, as he dusted off the crumpled rancher, said, “I told you that that horse no look’a so good!”

Let’s not buy a blind horse, folks. Read God’s word and listen to his voice. We’ll not only get to heaven, we won’t have a fire to put out when we get there.