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What a cold cloudy brisk April day in in Illinois! My two spaniels took a short walk with me to the barn and back but didn’t want to lollygag around much at all. They got down to business in no time flat and made a beeline for the backdoor. Lacey, the older one, the mother, usually loves to sniff out the ground for rabbits, bob-whites, squirrels, moles, mice, most anything that leaves a trail of treats, if you catch my drift! Her nose never bent beyond her chin today. Her daughter, Misty, trotted behind her, as it’s her habit to only pee and head back for the house on a normal day. She holds off the poopoos until she no longer can keep it from escaping from the rear end. They are good girls, usually. If the ground is wet or it’s raining, that’s another story.

You see, my girls are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, which were bred purely for the comfort of the king. They are known as lap dogs and that’s where they want to be, 24/7. When the king wanted a dog that had brains, he sought help elsewhere. I guess the queen took priority on her request for a hand warmer or lap sitter. Cavaliers are of a sweet disposition and a dog you cannot over-spoil. They house train well and can manage a few obedience commands. Once in a coon’s age will you find one that masters the entire obedience course #101. But never fear, they more than make up for their short comings by all their cuteness and love.

To get back to rainy days and cavaliers, my girls DO NOT want to even PEEK outside if it’s raining or even thinking about raining. Lacey will look at Misty and I know the “R” word has been passed. “She’s going to try to walk us today. I smell RAIN!” So always trying to please, I made them raincoats. Pretty red ones. I don’t need to tell you what they think of them. It would not be nice. They do wear them when out for a rainy walk, but as soon as we return to the mud room, the coats are yanked off their backs as if they smelled like bath towels. That’s another story.

Cavaliers do not like baths either. They will tolerate them, I must give them credit. But enjoy them, NO. However, since they sleep in my bed, “We must have clean bottoms and feet, girls!” I think Lacey and Misty are psychic. I cannot sneak in bath time, no matter how hard I try. I’ll walk through the living room nonchalant, go about my business of doing housework or fixing supper. When they’re not watching me, I’ll quietly sneak to the bathroom closet, grab some towels and quietly tiptoe to the mudroom. Turning around, I check to see if I’ve been discovered and yep, the alarm has sounded. Before I can set the towels down on the washer, my two precious darlings have disappeared. Lacey will be in the bedroom under the bed, where she goes sometimes for a nap. Misty will be circling in the dining room still trying to decide which way to go. Like I said, she is “gifted.” Once the bath is over, we are a happy family once more. And, girl, do we smell good!

Well, where was I? Yes, it was a cool brisk day here in Illinois. My husband and I drove to our favorite local Wal-Mart, stocked up on food and incidentals, medicine for my sinus infection and a daily newspaper. On our way home the sun actually came out for a few minutes but decided it wasn’t worth it, so disappeared as fast as cavaliers can say “bath.”

I’m thinking about what I’ll fix for supper. Probably turkey burgers, baked potatoes, salad, and dessert. The girls get to help pick up frills that fall from the countertops while food is prepared. When we begin the serving process, it’s time for them to rest in their recliner for the duration. They know there will always be a small tidbit left over when the meal has ended. The day is almost past and the evening is just beginning. So off we go to the kitchen and our usual supper routine.

A good evening to you all and a good night’s sleep.

*This story was written many years ago, and I’m missing my girls who have passed on but remain in my heart. Just needed to share a precious bit of my blessings called Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

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  1. Oh, how each dog I’ve ever had still lives on in my heart. I’d always said I’d never get another dog after Miss Priss passed but I simply couldn’t stand being in a house without a dog to love and be loved. Prissy died in my arms while I was rocking her late at night in early December and with Tom being so ill, I thought I simply could not go on. She was 18 1/2 and I knew her time was coming and we’d had to put Tom’s dog down just weeks before.
    A miracle occurred when Bailey came into our lives the week between Christmas and New Year’s. He’s full of energy and brings many smiles. What a blessing he is.

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