Childhood Offerings


© 2011 Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved


Thank you, Lord, for Mom and Dad,

My angelic grandma I loved so;

Abundant sustenance all my life,

Safe environments in which to grow.


I cherished my brothers and sisters

Though we fought like cats and dogs.

We played, wrestled and got dirty . . .

I could catch the biggest bull frogs!


You gave me a sound body and mind;

I learned well to read and write.

Mostly I behaved quite proper,

A few wrongs but tried to do right.


Summer time we got rounded up

Ev’ry year for that Bible school

Met this gentle nice man, Jesus,

Who taught me the Golden Rule.


He’s led me down life’s pathways,

Soothed my heart and hell-bound soul;

Cleaned me up one side and another;

Dug me out of that dark, deep hole.


The loving heart you gave me, Lord,

I used for lost sisters and brothers.

That forgiving spirit was harder to bear,

But you said we should love one another.


Oh, the wisdom in that there Bible;

The tools for us to use in our lives.

I’m finding new ones most every day,

‘specially joys from just being alive.


A thankful heart and loving spirit

Is my offering, Lord, back to you.

Reflecting a happier way of life,

And a heart that’s tried and true.

4 comments on “Childhood Offerings

  1. patgarcia says:

    To be able to look back and realize the blessing bestowed upon your life is something to be thankful about. Beautiful poem.
    Shalom aleichem,

  2. andie33 says:

    Great words Jeanne. Loved how you turned your gratitude into an offering!

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