Annie, Quit Digging!


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Welcome home, Annie. 

Annie came to live with us three years ago, adopted from the local Humane Society as Sweet Pea.  She is a Jack Russell/Rat terrier mix, resulting in an incessant digging dog.  Thankfully she has not picked up the trait too strongly.  Supervising play time in the yard helps curb the habit. Her cell mate, Josey, “barked” her way to our house a few months later, after we decided Annie needed company.  (Josey’s story is in the previous post)

House rules for our girls are: no getting on the furniture whether we are home or not, no potty inside the house, no sniffing out the kitchen garbage can, no fighting over treats or toys, no begging from company, no re-con efforts while we are at the dining table, no digging for moles, mice, snakes, or any other living creatures in the back yard, and no pouncing on baby birds learning to fly.  A special rule applies for Josey:  no sneaking out the front door!  She has escaped three times and it has been quite an exercise for us two old folks to endure!  

Annie is the more active and inquisitive one and keeps her eye on Josey.  If Jo spots something suspicious, she’ll linger near it long enough to peak Annie’s interest.  It’s not long before Mother Hen Annie is over there checking it out. 

While playing in the fenced back yard, they have learned to their own chagrin to be leery of snakes.  Josey found a large garter snake and circled it cautiously and jumped up and down a time or two until Annie came to her rescue.  They teased it in the tall grass until it disappeared down a hole.  I think they both were relieved when the game ended.

We have learned a big dog secret from our girls; they have been training US . . . with great success!  Their sure-fire routine works smoothly: BEG!  Treats are begged for after the first potty call of the day and after all others during the day, at supper time at 5 p.m. sharp, and a bedtime treat at 8 p.m. Annie has pushed that time up to 7:30 so she can savor the treat earlier.

I believe these two characters “saw us coming” when we walked down the cage aisle at the Humane Society, peeking in through the bars to inspect the residents.  How right you were, Annie and Josey!  






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  1. They add so much to our lifes. Thanks for sharing their adventures.

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