Veggies, Anyone?


© Jeanne E Webster – All rights reserved


`Gotta git dat ole tiller out

Dis soil needs lime and peat

Gotta plant dem peas ‘n beans …

Da broccoli ‘n dem beets.


‘Gotta set up a little fence

Ta keep dem wrabbits out

Deys all jes’ one big nu’sance

Eatin’ up all my sprouts.


`Gotta watch fer all dem bugs

Dey’s  eatin’ dem tender leaves

Made a spray of potent drugs

Dat stopped ‘em, if you p’wease.


`Gotta hoe up all dem weeds

‘N tie up all dose vines

Dats what cukes and squash needs

Ta grow in nice ‘twaight lines.


`Gotta wet down my ‘maters

So’s dey grow big ‘n round

Dere’s a good bunch of taters

Way down deep in da ground.


`Gotta t’ank da swee’ Lawd

Fer all His prov’dence

His love on me He pour’d

Tho’ I ain’t got no sense.


`Gotta git da basket out

Fer all da surplus stuff

Lots ta gib away, no doubt

Dere’s always plenty ’nuff.


`Gotta dig up all dem plants

‘N turn under all da soil

Jig my yearly garden dance…

‘N end dis sweat ‘n toil!


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  1. This post gave me the biggest smiles of the day, thanking you kindly…

    Take care, Laura

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