The Twins: Snitty and Snatty


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Proverb 31:26 “She opens her mouth with wisdom; her tongue is the law of kindness.”

Good morning and be comforted in the knowledge that God loves you and watches over you.  The weather here has blessed us with a brief deluge of an Illinois morning shower. Near 80° already today, a pleasant day for working at fall chores outdoors perhaps?  We’re plucking tomatoes off the vines and cutting gorgeous roses from our climbers out back.  Don’t have the heart to tell them both that their time to shine is almost past.  Oh well, they will sense it soon, as surely as my body definitely recognizes its advance towards the 70+ year mark.

The proverb today came to mind when I was overtaken with a craving to refund a “snitty” for a “snatty.”  Do you ever catch that modus operandi making for a hasty leap onto your pages of life before you’ve even given it a thought?  Only a listening ear for that all too familiar whisper of God will rescue you from a nasty fall from grace.

“Wisely choose your words,” it exhorts us.   Yes, Father, I shall.  However, I need a few seconds, rather, minutes to spit these despicable expressions down the drain that you see hanging from my lower lip.   I thought I had flushed those years ago.  Really.  Sorry.

“Speak kindly words that are sufficient for the time and place.”   Yes, Father, I hear you.  Kindly is a choice word:  Friendly, caring, gentle, compassionate, and more.  Nice.  All are well-spoken and fit for a king, or a child of the king.  Hey, that’s me!  I am His child.  Amen.

I suddenly realized that kindly is how I want to be treated, and by returning snatty with a kindness . . . well, that takes away the sting, the pain, the chance of misunderstanding, and the further lowering of respect for that person about to receive my snitty in return.    That’s how my Father expects me to live.

I’m surely glad my Father whispers to me!  He loves me, this I know . . .  for the Bible tells me so.

An afternoon and evening of kindly phrases and praises to you all.  Shalom

O teach me, Lord, that I my teach

The precious things Thou dost impart

And wing my words that they may reach

The hidden depths of many a heart.

~~Frances R. Havergal, 1872


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  1. Thank you for sharing. Adding my thoughts to yours, we never have to match wits but we can seek closely to match His grace towards us towards others.

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