A Room to Borrow?


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Do you remember when ….

 . . .churches used to be open every day, all day, all night, holidays, and ordinary days?  Why?

People needed them, and not merely for Sunday services and perhaps Wednesday night prayer meetings and Bible study. A church was a sanctuary, a shelter from the storms of life, a sacred place where you could commune with God, a place to find peace and quiet.  What happened?

The privilege was abused?  Not safe?  People stole things?  People started fires to keep warm on cold days?  Babies were left on the front steps?  No one had time to supervise the activities?  Not one?  No one cared enough?  Is God still there?  Sure is.

Our needs are the same today as they were years ago.   People are looking for peace amid the bustles of the day. “Oh, I wish I could find peace and quiet.”  But today they are looking in all the wrong places.  The day we shut up the doors to God’s house for anything but per functionary events was the day we turned the needs of the people over to Satan. 

Most every town has lots of churches– First Baptist Churches there, Evangelical Churches here, Presbyterian ones up the street, across from Churches of Christ.  St. Leo’s Catholic Church is two blocks away, and up the hill is a Lutheran church.  One thing they have in common:  they are open but a few hours a week.  Services are performed, classes are given, and sermons are spoken…then the doors are closed and locked.

How about a prayer chapel at least, open 24-7, a place of solace, in every active church?  Surely there is a small room available, a corner with no distractions?


…all these churches sitting idle on street corners, empty, no activities,

…maybe somehow it could be worked out for someone to volunteer their time, or make it safe somehow, make it so no one will steal, set on fire, or any other bad thing?

I think it would be a good thing

…and it could happen

…and it needs to happen.

People need the Lord.

…people need a place to think and pray

…a safe place, nice and peaceful.

Pass it on…

…maybe someone can find a way?

I pray.


You Saw Me Crying in the Chapel

(Words & music by Arthur Glenn)


You saw me crying in the chapel.

The tears I shed were tears of joy

I know the meaning of contentment

Now I am happy with the Lord

Just a plain and simple chapel

Where humble people go to pray

I pray the Lord that I’ll grow stronger

As I live from day to day.

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  1. Karen Foster says:

    I am old enough to remember going into small-town churches during the day. Doors open. Hearts welcomed. Sadly, when I’m in a big city, the doors to huge cathedrals are open but many of them are like a museum for out-of-town tourists. LOVE the poem.

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    Open Church… Open Hearts

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