The “Last Supper” Day


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What a wonderful visit!  I had driven down to Florida from Minnesota to see my mother, and we spent the entire week connecting again with old black-and-white family photos, reminiscing over childhoods, upbringings, relatives long gone and what we could scramble up for the supper table.

We were at ease; our once huffed up spirits now lay flat as a well-made bed sheet. Gone was the stress, old wounds had healed and all was well. The white beaches of Pensacola welcomed our presence with lazy toe-digging, lollygagging hours of sharing opportunities.

Then, time beckoned and duty called. Homeward bound, I drove north, pondering the precious moments we had bared our souls and shared our hearts. Genuine hugs and kisses assured us that my return visit in September was eagerly awaited. Oh, Lord, life was good!

Reality, through the ages…

If only I had known…

Mom died as I drove back home, killed instantly in an auto accident. How quickly life changes. Like a chipped recording, “I would never see her again,” repeatedly blared in my mind. No more sharing old times, retelling family secrets… no more “little girl & mommy” hugs again. Mom was gone?  (A story taken from a fictionalized event)

Losing loved ones has always been a regular occurrence. Death has always been a part of life. Eventually there’s a loss somewhere…and no more tomorrows?


Thinking back to another actuality 2,000 years ago:

True reality disturbed the dust one devastating day in Jerusalem.  Let’s call it the “Last Supper” day.

Luke 24

The Master’s somber demeanor had been noted, but nothing close to what would transpire later in the day occurred to them. They followed him from the upper room, cheerfully waved palm branches in his path, and laid down their robes as he entered the gates of Jerusalem. He was their Man of the hour. They loved him so; he loved them so.

—- “What?”

“Jesus died this afternoon…”

“He was crucified…”

“He is dead.”


“Oh my god! No!!! What am I going to do?”

“He was my best friend!”

“He raised my brother from his grave!”

“I had him over for supper.”

“He cast out demons from my son’s body.”

“He loved the children so dearly.”

“Now he’s gone…”


Three days later he arose from the grave; He had overcome the curse of death!

Yes, He lives!

There are endless tomorrows for us to share with Him.

Forever and ever!

Praise the Lord!



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