Grocery Shopping–Aargg!


© Jeanne E Webster.  All rights reserved


Entering store, pick a cart that doesn’t squeak

Doesn’t stick to your hands either—eek eek!

Flip the seat thingee up so food stays in cart

Adjust glasses, review shopping list to start


Proceed first to the prepared foods aisles

Cereals, popcorn, pastas, sauces in vials

Bottled water/juices, peanut butter and such

Jams, crackers, and relishes, though not much


Then on toward the frozen food lane

Fish, veggies, and ice cream retain

Next are fresh meats, like beef and chicken

Now to the dairy, for milk and cheese, I thicken


Lastly breeze through the produce aisle

Lettuce, carrots, and onions so mild

Apples, oranges, tomatoes and dill

Mushrooms, bananas, and broccoli until . . .


You find yourself at the fast-paced check out

And return home . . .

without bread or your brussel sprouts!


Have a good day!