Musing of an Army Brat


 © Jeanne E Webster   All Rights Reserved


Reveille” tones spitting through loudspeakers

Meddlesome nimble attention seekers;

HUT, TOOP, THREEP, FOURP” cadence calls

Tramping of boots in sync with the squalls.


Parade grounds filled with companies galore

Marching bands blast soul-tingling roars;

Mess hall feasting for fun holiday fares

Sense of belonging to dear family flares.


Every three years the moves I dreaded

Overseas or stateside tours we headed;

Released old friends and united with new

Auf wiedersehn, au revoir, ciao and adieu.


Ending my tour of these military recalls

A song upon which the ghost spirits fall;

Lights Out tenderly bids darkness to call

“Taps” chills the soul as tears gently crawl.