WOW! You’re Cool!


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Psalm 147:10-11 “He delights not in the strength of the horse; he takes no pleasure in the legs of a man. The Lord takes pleasure in those that fear him, that hope in his mercy and loving-kindness.”


Hey, lady! You’re cool! Wow!

Look at those muscles. I bet you exercise every day without fail.

Does that impress God?

Nope. He looks at your heart.

You please him when you respect him and rely on his mercy and love.

So exercise and nurture your spirit. It is good for your soul and builds solid faith muscles.

They strengthen your trust in him, you know.





3 comments on “WOW! You’re Cool!

  1. mrskid62 says:

    Thank you for your cool post. I am not one to exercise physically, but I do every day exercise spiritually by reading the Word, listening in my car to the Word, using what God has given me to encourage others.

  2. Andy Oldham says:

    Jeanne you are so cool for posting this!😊 if only more would exercise their spiritual life! Thanks!

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