Body or Soul?

Bird of Paradise against blue.

Body or Soul

© Jeanne E Webster – All Rights Reserved


Are you bruised, dear one,

Your grief too much to bear?

Call out the name of the Son;

Cast on Him all your care.


Consider the situation:

Which pain is greater to bear…

A body in degradation

Or a spirit in disrepair?


The body moans and groans;

Fails us more each day;

We wear it to the bone;

To dust and dirt decay.


But the spirit is eternal

Lives on and on and on

Mark it in your journal…

To God your soul belongs.


Thank Him for His love

His forgiveness of sins

The Spirit descends like a dove

New life in heaven begins.


Reject His love and grace

You bring forth His wrath

From you He turns His face

As you head down hell’s path.


Bodily pain soon passes;

Spiritual pain is forever.

The body rises from ashes,

The rejected spirit never.


Turn your spirit to God

Hold to His love and grace

Uplifting as you plod

Towards His heavenly place.


For you His heart did bleed

Lean hard into His word:

My grace is all you need…

Peace carols like a bird.




Bird of Paradise against blue.