“I wonder if the world is full

Of other secrets beautiful,

As little guessed, as hard to see,

As this sweet, starry mystery?


Do angels veil themselves in space,

And make the sun their hiding-place?

Do white wings flash as spirits go

On heavenly errands to and fro,

While we, down-looking, never guess

How near our lives they crowd and press?


If so, at life’s set we may see

Into the dusk steal noiselessly

Sweet faces that we used to know,

Dear eyes like stars that softly glow,

Dear hands stretched out to point the way,–

And deem the night more fair than day.” 


I like this.

Somehow it speaks to my soul today.

I know it’s not scripture…

But it speaks words of the Spirit.

Perhaps knowing I was ill at ease

It touched my spirit in a way

That soothed me…

Calmed me…

Reassured me…

As if I sensed a familiar hand

On my shoulder–

Firm but gentle–

I wanted to share this

With each one of you…

Readers and family and friends…

Perhaps you also will “see”

And be blessed with me.


© Jeanne E Webster – All rights reserved