–Jill Spargur


I always wanted a red balloon,

It only cost a dime,

But Ma said it was risky,

They broke so quickly,

And beside, she didn’t have time;

And even if she did, she didn’t

Think they were worth a dime.

We lived on a farm, and I only went

To one circus and fair,

And all the balloons I ever saw

Were there.

There were yellow ones and blue ones,

But the kind I liked the best

Were red, and I don’t see why

She couldn’t have stopped and said

That maybe I could have one–

But she didn’t–I suppose that now

You can buy them anywheres,

And that they still sell red ones

At circuses and fairs.

I got a little money saved;

I got a lot of time,

I got no one to tell me how to spend my dime;

Plenty of balloons–but somehow

There’s something died inside of me,

And I don’t want one—now.



2 comments on “Tragedy

  1. enitsirk24 says:

    Beautiful poem. So much food for thought in this poem. Thank you for sharing.

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