The Power of a Droplet of Water

What a small drop of water can do!


Imagine sitting at a window on a rainy day.  You notice one small droplet at the top of the window is motivated by gravity.  Rolling down the window, it zigs left and it zags right, left, right, left right… picking up other droplets on its journey.  This once small droplet has turned into a bigger mass of water landing as a puddle at the base of the window.  One final tug from gravity and it drops to the ground below, next to a flower in bloom. 

What if this droplet is your hunger for God in your life?  The Holy Spirit ignites desire in your heart to know more about God and the life of Jesus.  You begin searching for answers.  The droplets of information could come from Bible Studies, church sermons, Christian mentors, personal prayer time, service work and fellowship with other Christians.  The momentum from this desire in your heart begins to overflow and you cannot help but share it with…

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